Scratch Book With Colouring

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These are extraordinary, magical books - invisible pictures are hidden in their fairy pages! Take a coin and gently rub the blanks on the pages. Pictures will appear like magic. Now you can colour them the way you like. Hurry up to reveal all the mysterious, hidden drawings!

Thеse colouring books for kids are designed to strengthen your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination — all important for early development. 

Scratch-off pictures help children develop good finger grip and those fine motor muscles in their fingers and hands.

Rubbing a whole picture can improve concentration and patience.

Improving the level of focus and concentration will help your child to complete many other tasks in life and as a result, can foster his confidence.

And of course colouring for kids encourages creativity. 

To help your child learn letters, show him our Alphabet - Hidden Pictures For Colouring. Each letter of the alphabet has a secret picture. To reveal the picture, the child rubs the empty field with a coin and then colour it with pencils or felt pens. There are also funny images to trace and alphabet tracing to help  improve letter formations.

Our Dinosaurs Hidden Pictures book will provide the kid with a dinosaur adventure! A flying pterodactyl over an erupting volcano, mother stegosaurus near her egg, gigantic brontosaurus, diplodocus, submerged in water, the massive T. rex and other prehistoric reptiles are hidden in these colouring sheets for kids.

The lovely Farm Hidden Pictures book features a selection of different images all related to animals in the farm. Children will see farm animals like cow, rooster, goat, rabbit, horse, donkey and other lovable creatures.