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Magic Painting Books for kids

Colouring plays an important part in child development.

We have created books that are not only colouring books but also have an extra fun experience as well as develop children's abilities.

Our Water Magic Painting Books provide water painting that is an unusual, alternative, easy way to colour images. It is perfect for the beginning painter!

It Is not only the joy of the appearance of colour, but also the first steps to independent drawing, preparing little fingers to communicate with brushes and water.

You don't need pencils and crayons. It is enough to have a brush and a cup of water. No messy paint spills!

As soon as you brush water on the magic pages, the colours of the illustrations will become brighter.

Our Water Painting Books - Prepare the Hand for Writing have an additional activity for developing essential fine motor skills and pencil control.

The cute illustrations in the kids book have dotted lines. You can follow the dots with a pencil, pen or felt pen before the water colouring.

Our Hidden Pictures Books are extraordinary, magical books for kids - invisible pictures are hidden in their fairy pages!

Take a coin and gently rub the blanks on the pages. Pictures will appear like magic. Now you can colour them the way you like.

Thеse colouring books for kids are designed to strengthen your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination — all important for early development.

Scratch-off pictures help children develop good finger grip and those fine motor muscles in their fingers and hands.

Rubbing a whole picture can improve concentration and patience. Improving the level of focus and concentration will help your child to complete many other tasks in life and as a result, can foster his confidence.

If you are looking for a colouring set with kid's books, full of cute, beautiful drawings of different kinds of animals, cars and vehicles, our colouring sets are just for you.

They include kidsbooks, combined according to the child's preferences.

Presenting a gift in a beautiful and sophisticated package is not to be underestimated. Each set is packed in a nice, colourful box, with fabulous drawings. Regardless of the occasion, it will make the child feel festive and tell him that magic fun awaits him inside.