Magic Water Book

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Water painting is an alternative, easy way to colour images.

You don't need pencils and crayons. It is enough to have a brush and a cup of water. No messy paint spills!

As soon as you wet the brush and paint on the magic pages, the colours will instantly shine in cheerful children's pictures.

These water painting books include colour illustrations that will become brighter when children carefully paint water onto them.

With simple and familiar pictures of sea animals, zoo animals and transport vehicles this paint with water books are perfect for toddlers.

Each one includes eight lively and cheerful scenes.

Get ready for a zoo adventure! Our zoo themed magic painting book includes scenes with lion, monkey, elephant and others. Watch your child bring these cute animals to life using only water.

There are delightful creatures to be discovered in the deep, blue sea. Dolphin, seahorse, octopus, dory and other sea creatures will burst into bright colours. 

It's time to get moving with our transport themed magic water book full of cars, trucks, boat and other vehicles. This high speed colouring book is guaranteed to keep kids busy.

There is an additional activity for developing essential fine motor skills and pencil control. 

The cute illustrations in our magic books have dotted lines that will help children develop their motor skills and learn to draw.

You can follow the dots with a pencil, pen or felt pen before the water colouring. Let your kid have fun! Give yourself a rest while your toddler is playing and learning!